Teacher, you are working too hard!

Want to teach easier, faster, and better?

After 23 years in teaching… finally, there’s a program that allows us to master how
to teach by providing hands-on, repeated practice.
~Nan A., Teacher

A DIY practice program

So you can practice what works best to improve HOW you teach

Your job is a whole lot harder than it needs to be if you are like the majority of teachers who are not using key educational research. A whole lot harder! Learn HOW to power up your moment-to-moment teaching with research findings from Hattie et.al., including explicit/direct teaching, peer coaching, active student engagement, positive classroom management, vocabulary and text access and much more. Optimize your teaching without more textbooks, workshops, consultants or curriculum. Surprise! Use this practice tool in your hands as you teach, as in NOW!

...Making the major messages accessible, to the point, in your face, but in a nice way...
I only wish I could write this clearly for teachers.
~John Hattie, author of Visible Learning

What is Coaching What Works?

TEACHER CHECKLISTS are simply and succinctly worded — easy to use, easy to remember,
guaranteeing success in the classroom.
~Sylvia C., Teacher/Columnist


Positive Classrooms!

Explicit Teaching Delivery

What People Say

COACHING WHAT WORKS is the missing piece–generic content both coaches and teachers can really use...
This is what effective teaching looks like. When you are in the chaos of the classroom, use this!
~Jan Hasbrouck, Author/Consultant The Reading Coach l & ll

“It's like having your own classroom coach!”

  • What successful practitioners do
  • How to make your tough job easier
  • And more-- Go inside schools
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