About Us

WE BELIEVE… Teachers are called to our profession. It is our responsibility to optimize our teaching skills to fulfill that calling.

WE BELIEVE… Everyone is born with a unique gift to discover and to give to the world. It is our privilege to support our students and each other in that endeavor.

WE BELIEVE… Our children will inherit a world requiring unprecedented skills in problem solving and collaboration. It is our duty to prepare them to survive and thrive.

Tricia O’Hara, M.Ed. participated in early development of explicit teaching’s powerful concepts and has been applying and refining them in K-12 at-risk classrooms nationally and internationally ever since. Tricia has taught pre-K – college. She has trained teachers, coaches, paraprofessionals and administrators in explicit instruction and other research-based practices through NIFDI, CORE, SRA McGraw-Hill and at district, county, state, regional and national levels of education. She has optimized the coaching  experience with groundbreaking results.