What People Say

We’ve been inspired over the years with the results this coaching approach has produced.

This teacher’s comment sums up countless other feedback:

After 23 years in teaching…finally, there’s a program that allows us to master how to teach by providing hands-on, repeated practice. It has really changed the way I teach. COACHING WHAT WORKS is my favorite professional development ever.
– Nan A., 4th

This administrator’s remark similarly sums up what we hear from leadership:

COACHING WHAT WORKS is the most exciting professional development I’ve witnessed in 25 years in education.
– John L., Middle school principal

What Administrators, Teachers, Coaches, Trainers, Consultants and Researchers Say:

COACHING WHAT WORKS is the missing piece–generic content both coaches and teachers can really use...This is what effective teaching looks like. When you are in the chaos of the classroom, use this!
– Jan H., Author/Consultant

This is the [professional development] missing link...for new and existing teachers alike.
– Karla C., District Curriculum Coordinator

This is exactly what teachers need.
– Linda Y., Resource Specialist/Trainer

ELLs made huge, one year gains-– API jumped from -21 to +18.
– Kathy D., Curriculum & Instruction, Director

Teachers are handed a lot of What To Teach in the form of new curriculum, standards, frameworks, even scripting, in an effort to increase educational outcomes. What they aren't given is How To Teach: CWW is the How To Teach.
– Pat R., Educational Publisher Representative

It works! And it works just as well with struggling students.
– Irene H., Middle school

This should be a gift to every newly hired teacher from their district/county.
- Leslie P-S., CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing, Chair (ret.)

Every teacher should know this.
– Most participants

The biggest surprise about classroom coaching is that not everyone is doing it.
– Paula P., Principal

There is a shockingly obvious, positive difference in CWW classrooms.
– Reading First Observers

- Sandy E., 2nd

What teachers are not handed is a practical How To Teach...CWW is truly the How To piece for teachers.
– Pat R., Educational Publisher Representative

This needs to be district policy. Every school needs to be able to have this approach to student learning and to teacher learning.
- Kathy F., Coach/Instructor

Amazing set of highly practical tools to help school teams focus on the essential basics of improved instruction. Tied to the meta-analyses of John Hattie (Visible Learning), Archer's Explicit Instruction and related syntheses, CWW focuses in like a laser beam on the core of improving instruction/student achievement; classroom management, engaging students, effectively presenting lessons.
– Kevin F., Consultant

COACHING WHAT WORKS-I agree with all of it.
– Linda P., Unified Educators of San Francisco, Vice-President (ret.)

A break-the-mold strategy for getting at the heart of instructional improvement. It requires time, trust and commitment, and the payoff is huge--building a culture of ongoing, embedded staff development.
– Priscilla H., DAIT Lead, Alameda County Office of Education

CWW is research-based methodologies put in a practical format so that teachers can practice them every day in their classrooms...the behaviors, the attitudes that go into good teaching, really reaching their students.
– Pat R., Educational Publisher Representative

This system teaches quickly and all in one place what took me years to figure out on my own. CWW is the real deal.
– Joanne F., Instructor

Love the format! Love the writing! Wish I could write like this to teachers.
– John H., Researcher

Kids’ passing scores jumped from 50% to 90%.
– April C., K

This is coaching at its best and the most direct, valuable assistance from the county office of education I've ever received.
– Linda B., 4th

The work we did together was by far the most significant in terms of my work as a coach.
– Kathy F., Coach / Instructor

This SOOO works!
– Sue B., 4th

CWW is truly the thing that gets at the heart of the art of teaching.
– Pat R., Educational Publisher Representative

Awesome collection of pearls of wisdom-I'll be putting many of them to use starting next Monday.
- Maureen J., Adult ESL Instructor

All that I trained over time with way too many words and mixed up into so many different things, you have succinctly pulled together, organized and presented in such an efficient structure/design! Wow.
– Jane K., Consultant

Very coherent model, very consistent with research-based "best practices", explicit instruction, vocabulary/academic language .
– Kevin F., Consultant

…Transformed my teaching and my career.
– Tina K., Middle school

This could make a really big difference if we could get this into schools.
– Laurie S., Coach

TEACHER CHECKLISTS are simply and succinctly worded ~~ easy to use, easy to remember, guaranteeing success in the classroom.
– Sylvia C., Teacher/ Columnist

Carefully crafted content maintains the integrity of direct instruction and good teaching.
– Doug C., Researcher

I wish I'd had this when I was teaching.
– Dru S., (ret.)

This (the "I do it, We do it, Y'all do it, You do it" flow of teaching), of course, goes back thousands of years - apprenticeship, mentoring, guidance...
– Kevin F., Consultant

Give this a Thumbs Up! Very profound and yet common sense at the same time.
– Ally O., Resource Specialist

COACHING WHAT WORKS should be required professional development for every teacher in the district.
– Most participants

…Transformed my teaching and I didn’t think I needed it.
– Gail P., 4-5 GATE

Students achieve mostly A’s & B’s now and I am enjoying teaching again.
– Irene H., Middle school

. . .Given me renewed interest in my job and these students.
– Marie C., 2nd

Students are enthusiastically engaged, not stressed and burnt out, feeling like failures.
– Kirsten M., Middle school

Teachers seem to need explicit modeling as much as the students do.
– Jennifer M., Resource Specialist

I am a totally different teacher now.
– Kirsten M., Middle school

Students are happier, they have more friends, less arguments and less fighting.
– Many teachers

Working with my peers is so rewarding.
– Everyone

All teachers ask for and rarely get to see models of what is trained in typical workshops. More than anything else, teachers want to see what it looks like.
– Kim L., Coach

Conversation in the teachers’ lounge has changed. Not only are we seeing results in the coaching teams, but there is a spillover effect. Faculty not yet on a peer coaching team are trying strategies too.
– John J-P., Curriculum & Instruction, County Director

Teachers can relate to real teachers in real settings with full classes of students. They can see what trained teachers who have "buy-in" can accomplish.
– Katia J., 3rd

It works. Teachers must see active student engagement in action because it is not being used in most schools. Teachers have to see how effective vocabulary instruction can be when students actually know what words mean.
– Nissa L., 5th

Go slow to go fast: take time to install research so you can accelerate instruction.
– Laurie M., Principal

I wish I'd been taught this way. I had to wait until graduate school to talk with other students.
--Rich J., Business Strategist

If teachers aren't doing this, then what are they doing?
--Phillips W., Grandparent

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