What Teachers Say

After 23 years in teaching... finally there’s a program that allows us to master how to teach by providing hands-on, repeated practice. It has really changed the way I teach... COACHING WHAT WORKS is my favorite professional development ever!
– Nan A., 4th

Every teacher should know this.
– Most participants

This coaching experience has been very, very valuable. I hope that the rest of our staff and other staffs in our district utilize it to the fullest.
– Carolyn B., Coach / Teacher

ELLs and struggling readers need an earlier start [than the curriculum offers] so I teach vocabulary every day... I plan ahead of time; I do not teach words off the top of my head.
– Kim L., Coach /Teacher

Students achieve mostly A’s and B’s now and I am enjoying teaching again.
– Irene H., Middle school

I am a totally different teacher now.
– Kirsten M., Middle school

Awesome collection of pearls of wisdom-I'll be putting many of them to use starting next Monday.
- Maureen J., Adult ESL Instructor

CWW 8-step vocabulary instruction is absolutely the most important thing we can be doing for our students to help them in language arts.
– Carolyn B., Coach / Teacher

COACHING WHAT WORKS should be required professional development for every teacher in the district.
– Most participants

Working with my peers is so rewarding.
– Everyone

I use CWW eight steps written out on paper ahead of time so that I do not have to come up with it while I am teaching... I then save those vocabulary “scripts” to use year after year.
– Kim L., Coach /Teacher

- Sandy E., 2nd

[Our grade level] had the highest scores in our school. Our scores really soared from using direct, explicit vocabulary instruction within the math and language arts curriculum.
– Carolyn B., Coach / Teacher

Kids’ passing scores jumped from 50% to 90%.
– April C., K

Works just as well with struggling students.
– Irene H., Middle school

CWW [Teacher Checklist] structure for instruction really helps—having the steps to go through and monitor each other, watch each other and then be able to talk afterwards, helps inform and plan instruction.
– Kim L., Coach /Teacher

I think it’s an absolutely gigantic waste if people are not using CWW to the fullest.
– Carolyn B., Coach / Teacher

CWW has transformed my teaching and my career.
– Tina K., Middle school

I just think it’s great. It makes my job more fun and students are more excited as we move through the lesson. Also it pretty much eliminates off-task behavior because they are all thinking and participating.
– Jeanne S., Teacher

I thought my kids were engaged until I did CWW.
– Bev J., 2nd

...Biggest challenge and biggest change in my teaching.
– Lisa K., 2nd

CWW format actively engages teachers in active student engagement.
– Kirsten M., Middle school

As a coach, we see that breaking old habits is extremely hard to do. TEACHER CHECKLISTS provide step-by-step help to plan, monitor, and debrief.
– Kim L.., Coach / 2nd

TEACHER CHECKLISTS are simply and succinctly worded ~~ easy to use, easy to remember, guaranteeing success in the classroom.
– Sylvia C., Teacher/ Columnist

Just the smiles on their faces and the way they look when they know they are being really smart and using words that other first graders don’t know is the most rewarding of all. And that’s the truth!
– Kim L., Coach /Teacher

The first time I saw CWW, I had no words to express the delight that I felt in seeing everything I had taught myself defined, described, qualified and quantified...
– Joanne F., Chef Instructor

We can focus on a few strategies with time to practice and to become natural.
– Sydney T-S., Middle school

TEACHER CHECKLISTS are practical and inspiring reminders.
– Carol B., 2nd

It’s like having your own coach in the classroom with you.
– Joanne F., Chef Instructor

Students are happier, they have more friends, less arguments and less fighting.
– Many teachers

Better than BTSA. (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment)
– Sean A., 1st

...Lends itself to thinking, doing, sharing, having a little fun...not just sitting there with hands in lap.
– Irene H., Middle school

One of my passions is teaching social studies...CWW fits in beautifully with in-depth study to increase understanding. And of course, I am putting CWW strategies into science as well.
– Kimberley L., Teacher

I use CWW active engagement strategies throughout the day in all content areas. The kids build their confidence because they get to speak their ideas and they are all heard. Every child is heard.
– Jeanne S., Teacher

I wish I’d had this coaching from the beginning: I realize now about all the kids I did not teach well.
– Kimberley H., Middle school

CWW helps you daily. It takes a couple of seconds to glance at and you can get back on track. When you are on track, your students are on track.
– Joanne F., Chef Instructor

COACHING WHAT WORKS has transformed my teaching-- and I didn’t think I needed it.
– Gail P., 4-5 GATE

This system teaches quickly and all in one place what took me years to figure out on my own. CWW is the real deal.
– Joanne F., Instructor

CWW engagement strategies are very important because the students are all paying attention...White boards, working with a partner, erasing their answers...
– Tracey N-S., Teacher

It’s so powerful and they are so excited when it’s their turn in the end to produce whatever I have assigned them to do.
– Jeanne S., Teacher

Why wasn’t this available to me when I first started teaching?
– Joanne F., Chef Instructor

This is coaching at its best and the most direct, valuable assistance from the county office of education I've ever received.
– Linda B., 4th

This SOOO works!
– Sue B., 4th

. . .Given me renewed interest in my job and these students.
– Marie C., 2nd

I felt a little bit proud because I’d figured out many of these things on my own. Only problem was it took me ten years.
– Joanne F., Chef Instructor

Schooling you receive to be a teacher, the year credential program, the 3-years of special ed training, and the master’s program doesn’t really give you on-the-job experience... Once you are part of CWW, you really start to learn how to be a teacher and to hone in on your craft.
– Lisa D., Teacher

Students are enthusiastically engaged, not stressed and burnt out, feeling like failures.
– Kirsten M., Middle school

Teachers can relate to real teachers in real settings with full classes of students.  They can see what trained teachers who have "buy-in" can accomplish.
– Katia J., 3rd

If teachers could use this from Day One, whether it’s their first year or their 20th year of teaching... CWW is help in the moment, when you need it.
– Joanne F., Chef Instructor

I have to say that I really dreaded having my peers come in and watch me teach... But what I found is it’s really valuable because they are my peers- not there judging me; they get to show me what I am doing well as well as what I am not doing well.
– Tracey N-S., Teacher

It works.  Teachers must see active student engagement in action because it is not being used in most schools. Teachers have to see how effective vocabulary instruction can be when students actually know what words mean.
– Nissa L., 5th

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